How to Show a List of Custom Taxonomy Terms in a WordPress Post

WordPress has offered custom taxonomy functionality for years, but it hasn’t taken center stage until WordPress 3.0 and the easy capability to create custom post types. Custom taxonomies are easy ways to create your own hierarchical terms (similar to post categories) or tags (similar to post tags). Learn how to display the custom taxonomy terms on a post or in a tag cloud.


How to Query Custom Posts Using a Custom Taxonomy Term in WordPress

WordPress custom post types, new in version 3, is one of the most exciting enhancements to WordPress to bring it closer to full content management system (CMS) functionality. With custom post types came custom taxonomies. In this Wordpress tutorial, you will learn how to query custom posts in a certain custom taxonomy.

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Custom Titles for Multipaged Posts in WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic CMS, but it doesn’t provide the best SEO support for multipage posts. If you’re creating long posts which are split into several pages, you need to think about setting custom titles for each page of the post. In this free WordPress tutorial, you will learn how to hack All-in-One SEO Pack to support custom titles on each page of a paged post.

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How to Add Facebook OpenGraph to Your WordPress Blog

Facebook has created a new platform of pages, groups, and interests for users to interact with. As you place the Share or Like button on your site, you are participating in the ecosystem, but you can do more to improve your Facebook presence. Learn how to implement OpenGraph programmatically in your WordPress blog.