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How to Find the Right Tax Relief Service

There are only two things we can’t avoid in life: death and taxes. And many of us fear the second one much more than the first! If you’ve ever found yourself in a hole to the IRS, behind on your taxes, or owing more taxes than you believe you should, you may need a tax relief service to help you negotiate and pay off the IRS. Find out how to find a reputable tax relief service.

Automobiles / Taxes

How to Donate Your Car

Donating your car to charity is fulfilling for you personally, makes a great tax deduction, and provides an asset the charity can use or sell to raise money. In this free tutorial, you will learn 5 steps to donate your car successfully. Learn how to donate your auto to charity.

Personal Finance

10 Minute Finance Fix: Take Your Lunch to Work

Taking your lunch several times per week to work can save you $50-100 per month! Just think of the debt you can pay off, or having an extra $1,000 per year for your next vacation. Learn more in our ten minute personal finance on brown bagging your lunch.

Personal Finance

10 Minute Finance Fix: Customer Rewards Cards

Customer reward programs typically offer a combination of instant discounts and some sort of rebates or free offers in the future. This can be a great incentive if you frequent the same stores. In this ten minute finance tutorial, learn how you can keep your information private while racking up rewards.