How to Find the Right Tax Relief Service

There are only two things we can’t avoid in life: death and taxes. And many of us fear the second one much more than the first! If you’ve ever found yourself in a hole to the IRS, behind on your taxes, or owing more taxes than you believe you should, you may need a tax relief service to help you negotiate and pay off the IRS. Find out how to find a reputable tax relief service.

Automobiles / Taxes

How to Donate Your Car

Donating your car to charity is fulfilling for you personally, makes a great tax deduction, and provides an asset the charity can use or sell to raise money. In this free tutorial, you will learn 5 steps to donate your car successfully. Learn how to donate your auto to charity.


Avoiding an IRS Tax Audit

An IRS Tax Audit can be one of the scariest situations a person or business can face. Even if you can handle the tax audit, the time investment required to properly complete an audit takes you away from time you could be earning more money! Learn how to avoid the tax audit.


Hiring a Tax Professional

Should you hire a tax professional? A tax professional can help you if you are in either a complicated tax situation, or just need help with completing your taxes and getting the maximum refund possible. Examine our list of people that should seek an accountant around April 15th.


Tax Preparation for Beginners

Are you clueless about tax filing? Would you like more pointers in sending your taxes to the IRS? If so, this tutorial is for you. Learn how to prepare your taxes.

General Business / Taxes

Can I Deduct my Home Office?

A home office deduction is one of the most misunderstood tax deductions available. If you work from home, you may qualify to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your taxes. Learn if your home office qualifies as a tax deduction.