Employee Goal and Performance Planning

SMART goal setting and performance planning will help your employees and teams perform to their highest capabilities. Help your employees learn to set their goals with this free easy to follow tutorial.

eCommerce / Internet

Internet Business Tutorial

Learn how your small business can take advantage of the Internet. This tutorial teaches you all the basics of the Internet, software, hardware, connectivity, security, and more! Learn what you need to know to take advantage of the Internet for your business!


Resolving Business Conflicts

Studies have shown managers spend 30-40% of their time resolving conflicts. As a manager, you must know the best ways to diffuse conflict among your employees. Find out a five step process to resolving conflicts in your workplace.

General Business

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Inc, LLC, LLP, sole proprietorship, what kind of business structure should you have your business become? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business and decide which to become.


How to Hire the Right Employee

It is more important to hire a person who has good interpersonal communication skills than to find someone who knows your product inside and out. Why? Because product knowledge can be taught. Good communication skills are more difficult to come by.

General Business

How to Write a Memo

Business memos are written to inform or request action and act like business letters written internally. Learn how to write a great business memo.