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What is a Business Plan Used For?

A business plan is crucial to set the strategy of your business startup, find funding for your business, and set the goals necessary for your business to be a success. Find out why you are writing a business plan and what you can use it for.

General Business

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Inc, LLC, LLP, sole proprietorship, what kind of business structure should you have your business become? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business and decide which to become.

General Business

How to Write a Memo

Business memos are written to inform or request action and act like business letters written internally. Learn how to write a great business memo.

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Can I Deduct my Home Office?

A home office deduction is one of the most misunderstood tax deductions available. If you work from home, you may qualify to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your taxes. Learn if your home office qualifies as a tax deduction.