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Training Performance Review Example Phrases

On the job training is a part of all of our jobs and how well someone participates in the training will reflect on how well they can do their job. Additionally, many companies provide on going professional training opportunities and this section provides you an opportunity to evaluate how well an employee does with the training opportunities afforded him or her.

In this section, you will learn many positive and negative comments you can use to evaluate the employee’s training experience.

Positive Phrases

In training classes, Bill is a good influence on fellow students. His “can-do” attitude helps the class learn complex topics.

Greg has sought out specialized training opportunities.

Jennifer helps teach other team members the concepts she learned in training class.

Bill is an encourager in training sessions.

Kyle takes advantage of the training to advance his career and skill set.

Peter is a consummate learner and excels in the training we have offered him.

Despite the time investment required, Paul encourages his team members to take advantage of training opportunities.

Tim’s guidance in helping his employees find the right training classes is invaluable.

Fred has impressed us all with his willingness to train others on the newest technologies and equipment.

Terry is always willing to attend on the job training. His eagerness to learn makes him a valued team member.

Rachel ensures all of the team members attend the requisite training classes.

Polly has performed admirably with her responsibility to ensure everyone attends appropriate training classes.

Ted is quick to learn concepts and apply them to his job.

Negative Phrases

Greg does not follow through on the training required for his position. His attitude is that he “knows everything” about his job, yet the training can offer insights and new views on technology.

Jenny needs to prepare more in advance of the training classes to take full advantage of what they are teaching.

Ryan fails to apply the concepts learned in training class.

Jim gives off an air that he does not need training despite all of the changes affecting him and his team.

Ben reluctantly attends HR led training and vocally expresses his displeasure.

Fred does not take training time seriously.

Victor attends the required training classes, but does not participate completely.

Julia resists the changes the training classes promote.

Walter does not evaluate areas within his job where he could use additional training.

Jenny does not maintain the training equipment adequately between classes.

Tricia attends the training but does not communicate class concepts to her co-workers.

Peter does not encourage his team to take the minimum training hours required each year.

Kyle seems to think training time is vacation time and his attitude demonstrates this during class.

Lenny should focus more on learning the concepts in class and less on cracking jokes during the training sessions.

Frank should seek out more training opportunities and pursue them.

Bill does not take advantage of the training dollars offered for his team.

Kenny does not allow his employees to attend training classes that could be very beneficial for the company and his team.

Ryan should seek out training opportunities to improve his people skills.

Wendy does not excel in the classroom and the training has not seemed to help her.

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