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Time Management Performance Review Example Phrases

The ability to manage your tasks in a timely fashion and accomplish the things you say you will is very important for an employee. The section of an employee performance evaluation which deals with time management provides you an opportunity to rate how well an employee meets deadlines, estimates project completion dates, and accomplishes tasks.

In this section, you will discover phrases to help you evaluate an employee’s time management skills.

Positive Phrases

Jim works well under pressure.

George understands the nature of the projects and tasks he has and appropriately identifies the time required to accomplish each. George is excellent at time management.

Bill is a pro with his planner and creates a daily plan to accomplish his tasks.

Fran handles project deadlines admirably and is great at managing the time leading up to each deadline.

Jim is the type of person to plan out his work week, work the plan, and demonstrates how excellent planning results in excellent work.

Jenn demonstrates the ability to manage multiple assignments and deliver them in a timely fashion.

Greg holds his team accountable for their efficiency and production.

Tricia is one of our most reliable employees. Her output is predictable and of good quality.

Walter is very good at managing his time and his employees’ time.

Jennifer understands how to correctly schedule the big and small tasks she must accomplish each week.

Ryan is a very efficient worker.

Tom is able to adequately schedule his time to accomplish his tasks.

Kyle uses the tools we’ve provided to manage his work schedule effectively.

Negative Phrases

Sherry works at one speed. However, she believes she can accomplish tasks faster than she can. This becomes an issue for time management: she is frequently late on projects.

Ben does not work well under pressure.

Peter doesn’t understand the difference between big tasks and small tasks and never seems to get the big ones accomplished. He always focuses on the low hanging fruit to the detriment of the projects that will move our team forward.

We’ve provided Tim with sufficient training in time management yet he still does not understand the process to manage his time.

Holly is given a work plan each week but does not complete it each week.

Paul needs to work on keeping his meetings to the allotted times.

Fred’s team complains of frequent, unorganized meetings. Fred needs to improve his planning skills to keep meetings on topic and on time.

Jenny does not understand how to properly schedule her employees for maximum efficiency.

Todd is a good worker, yet we believe he can be more productive if he learns to manage his time better.

Ryan does not use the scheduling tools we’ve provided for him.

Thomas frequently underestimates the amount of time it takes to get a task accomplished.

Too many times, Lenny has delayed a project by not accounting for risk in his time assessments.

Harry needs to improve his time management ability.

We suggest that Tim create a work plan for each week. He seems to waste a lot of time when he doesn’t have a sufficient plan.

Peter spends a lot of time on unproductive things such as email and the Internet.

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