1,135 Performance Review Template Phrases eBook

It’s not that time again, is it? Performance review time can bring dread to many managers and employees alike. Many people find it difficult to summon the right words to describe someone – especially when you have to write a number of performance reviews.

We’ve written 1,135 performance evaluation sentences you can use right now to complete employee performance reviews or your own self evaluation. These phrases are completely written and ready to be copy and pasted into the evaluation documents.

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Find the Right Way to Say It…

Managers and employees alike dread performance review time, but we’ve developed an ebook which will save you hours in the performance evaluation process. This book will help you:

  • Shave hours of performance review time
  • Find the right words the first time
  • Simple, copy and paste complete sentences
  • Spend time on performance management, not writing reviews

I dread performance review time. Writing dozens of performance reviews takes up hours of time when the benefit in the process is the one-on-one meeting with the employee. I like the idea of the performance review: an opportunity to discuss an employee’s performance, make recommendations for improvement, and see them grow during the year. It’s all the time I spend on them that I don’t like.

We Can Help You Find the Right Words

Finding the right words to describe each employee across two dozen core competencies takes time. I don’t want to duplicate for each employee, so I spend time writing each paragraph, for each competency, for each employee. How many times can you describe an employee’s productivity or managerial style?

But how do I know this book will have the right phrases? We’ve written 1,135 complete performance review sentences that you can copy, paste, and change the names to your employee. These aren’t simple phrases, or parts of sentences, but complete sentences you can use to quickly complete the performance reviews and get back to managing your employees to success.

“ I understand what I want to say to each employee, I just struggle to come up with the right words for how to say it. This ebook let me find sentences I could use to say the perfect thing to each employee.

– Jeannette T., Manager, Intel

Finish Your Employee’s Performance Reviews Quickly and Efficiently

We’ve developed positive and negative sentences to use across over 20 categories, including:

  • Attendance
  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Dependability
  • …and many more

Shave off hours of time from writing performance reviews this year and purchase this ebook.

Instant download: $25.00