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Network+ 2008 Tutorial

Network+ 2008 Certification Exam

The Network+ is a vendor-neutral networking exam offered by CompTIA. The Network+ is an internationally recognized certification for individuals with at least 9-12 months of networking experience. The exam is designed to test the knowledge of entry level networking technicians in six domains:

1. Network Technologies

2. Network Media and Topologies

3. Network Devices

4. Network Management

5. Network Tools

6. Network Security

We have designed this tutorial based on these six domains and the concepts CompTIA would like you to know to become certified. This free tutorial and this site is not associated with CompTIA is any way.

About the Network+ 2008 Edition

The certification has been around for over a decade, but recently CompTIA decided to update the exam and its objectives to ensure it is keeping up with changes in technology. This update is not finalized, so this free Network+ certification tutorial is designed to cover the objectives for both the Network+ 2005 objectives and the new Network+ 2008 objectives – enabling you to study for either exam with the comfort of knowing you will be able to pass either exam.

This is the first and the most complete free tutorial available for the Network+ 2008 exam. Enjoy!

About the Network+ 2005 Certification

The Network+ 2005 Certification exam differs from the expected 2008 objectives. The objectives for the Network+ 2005 exam are:

1. Media and Topologies (20%)

2. Protocols and Standards (20%)

3. Network Implementation (25%)

4. Network Support (35%)

We have integrated these four domains into the study material for the Network+ 2008. You will find new areas including a much expanded Network Security section which will help you become an even better networking technician.

Why the Network+ Certification?

Many technicians over the years have asked this question – why achieve a Network+ certification? The Network+ certification validates your experience and qualifications as an entry-level networking technician. The purpose of the certification is to enable employees and clients (in the case of consulting) to have a basis to fairly compare individuals and set a baseline of required knowledge from employees.

You should achieve a Network+ certification because it can help you get ahead in your career. If your resume is compared to someone else who isn’t certified, but otherwise has the same basic skills, you will probably get a bump due to your certification.

This free Network+ 2005/2008 Certification tutorial explains the knowledge necessary to pass the exam and become Network+ certified.