Credit Cards and Debt

How Do I Order a Free Credit Report?

How to Check my Credit Rating

A recent survey showed that 40% of consumers who reviewed their credit reports found a mistake and 25% of those mistakes could have caused a denial for extending credit to the consumer. It is very important to review your credit report at least once annually. The federal government recently passed a law requiring credit reporting agencies to provide one free copy of your credit report annually.

Once you have reviewed your credit report, you should dispute any items on your credit report which are inaccurate. Removing inaccurate information usually takes some time to complete, so its important to review the report on a regular basis so you do not find yourself in a situation where you are denied credit when it should be approved for you.

Consumers are entitled to receive one copy of their credit reports free if they have been denied credit within the last 60 days and one free copy annually. For an application to order a copy of your credit report, contact one of the following:

  • Equifax, 1-800-685-1111
  • TRW Information Services, 1-800-392-1122
  • Trans Union, 1-800-851-2674