QuickBooks 2010 Data Backup and Maintenance

Verify QuickBooks File Integrity

The QuickBooks data file is a database and over time, it may experience some corruption. If your computer crashes, power spikes, or QuickBooks locks up and you have to force it to quit, you could have some corruption in your QuickBooks data file. QuickBooks has a built-in utility to examine a QuickBooks file an determine its integrity. It’s a good idea to run the file integrity verification utility at least monthly.

You should also think about running the verification utility if you notice these problems:

  • Incorrect report data. If you begin noticing errors in your reports or the numbers aren’t correct, you may need to run the file integrity verification utility.
  • QuickBooks crashes frequently. If your QuickBooks software application crashes frequently, there might be some corruption in your data file.
  • Missing accounts or data. If you notice missing account names, customers, or vendors, or data associated with one of the accounts is missing, the data file might have corruption.
  • If you had to restore the file from backups. We always recommend checking the integrity of your QuickBooks file if you had to restore one from a backup file.

File Integrity Verification

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file.
  2. Click on the File menu, select Utilities then click on Verify Data.
  3. Click OK to continue if it asks to close all open windows.
  4. QuickBooks will verify the data in the file.

Verifying your data file will help ensure it operates smoothly without problems.

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