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Throw a Memorable Baby Shower

Very Tame Games

String Around the Mommy. Have the guests cut ribbon or string to the size they think would wrap around the mother-to-be (no fair checking against their own stomachs, either.) Then have the mother measure a piece around her waist and match up. Most people will actually guess too big!

Its in the Bag. Place various small baby-related objects in a bag, such as a bottle, pacifier, teething ring, package of wipes, etc. You could even add a few random items that are totally unrelated for some kick! Guests then close their eyes and have ten seconds to feel the objects and guess the identity of as many as possible.

A variation of this game is to place the objects on a tray. Give eveyone ten minutes to look, then take th tray away and ask them to write down as many as they can remember. The objects can be a gift to the mother-to-be.

Jellybean Bottle. Fill a baby bottle with jellybeans (keeping count.) Guests must guess the number. Can be done with baby pins instead of the candy.

Lucky Number 7. In wedding receptions, the lucky girl who catches the bride’s bourquet is traditionally held to be the next in line for marriage. You may not have known that the seventh gift-giver at the baby shower is the next to have a baby! Don’t tell your friends this in advance, just keep count. Announce it as the seventh gift is being opened and watch the reaction. (Especially funny when it is the grandmother-to-be or a woman with several children already. He, he.)

As someone who delights in hosting and throwing parties, I can attest (and I’m certain you’d agree) the little things count! It is the small touches that will make your baby shower a memorable event. These are a few final hints to consider as you plan:
  • Plan around a theme. It makes all aspects of planning so much easier. If you’ve not already reviewed the list of original theme ideas in this tutorial, do so now.
  • Buy a package of thank-you notes. This will be a gift to the mom-to-be. Ask everyone as they arrive to sign their name and address on the back of one of the envelopes. Then, Mom’s task of writing thank-you notes after the shower will be a breeze.
  • Make sure to provide a comfortable seat for the guest of honor. She may be sitting for a while, so make sure she will be well-supported and comfortable.
  • Ask someone to be the designated picture-taker. You’ll be too busy with other things and Mom may forget. Ask a friend with a reliable camera to do the honors. This is definitely an event that you and your friend will want to relive through photos.
  • Relax and enjoy the party! As the host(

    ess) others will take their cue from you. So at that first knock on the door, take a deep breath, smile, and have a great time. The focus should be on Mom and Baby. Enjoy celebrating this wonderful event with them!