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Quicken 2009

Getting Started with Quicken

Quicken Personal is a software application which helps you in managing your personal finances. Quicken helps you to track your day-to-day finances such as bills, pay slips, general expenses. You can also generate reports and graphs to review the financial status.

Despite the fact that each user has different sources of income and different financial priorities, Quicken successfully helps each user to manage the finances in a better way.

Why Use Quicken?

Using Quicken, you can perform different tasks in the following financial areas:

· Cash Flow: You can perform the basic banking activities such as receiving money and spending money. You can create, manage, and reconcile accounts, and record detailed transactions. You can also download bank statements and ensure that the records are current. You can record bills and schedule repeating transactions.

· Property and Debt: You can record the information about the property you own. You can set up asset accounts to cover the cost of a car, house, and business equipment.

· Financial Overview: You can view all your accounts displayed together on the Net Worth page of the Financial Overview center. You can use this page to check the change in value of your finances over a period of time and see the current allocation of your finances based on the account type.

· Reports and Graphs: You can create reports and graphs and customize them according to your requirements. Quicken reports display information about your finances in an easy-to-understand tabular format. Quicken also helps you to view graphs and pie charts which provide you a visual summary of your finances.

This free Quicken tutorial teaches you how to use Quicken personal finance software to manage your finances. Learn how to budget, manage your finances, get out of debt, and more in this free Quicken Personal 2009 tutorial. Quicken is also available in Premier, Deluxe, and other editions – all of which can be learned in this free Quicken training course.