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Microsoft Infopath Tutorial and Online Training Course

Welcome to the Microsoft Infopath Tutorial

Microsoft InfoPath, one of the newest additions to the Microsoft Office suite, is a simple but effective application designed to allow non-developers to create XML forms for use in a shared workspace. Virtually anyone can design a form template, even one that’s connected to a database, an XML Schema or a Web service provided by IT personnel, and then publish it to users across the workplace—either to a shared network drive, a SharePoint Portal, or a Web service. Users, provided they have InfoPath installed on their computers, can then fill out and save, submit, or print the form. Any user can collect and merge the data from multiple forms into one, making it easy to review and analyze data from a variety of sources.

This free tutorial and training course from teaches you how to use Microsoft Infopath and how to create online forms and share them.

Section 1: The Infopath Interface

Section 2: Creating Forms

Section 3: Using InfoPath

Section 4: Distributing Forms

Section 5: Customizing Form Layout

Section 6: Managing Controls

Section 7: Managing Views

Section 8: Working with a Database

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