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Introduction to Network Security

Physical Security

To protect your information from going into wrong hands, you not only need to worry about software security but also consider physical security a necessary step. What if your server with all security software installed is stolen from your premises? In such a scenario, all your important and confidential data will be lost or compromised even after taking all software security measures. Therefore the physical security of a system is as important as software security.

Physical security refers to protecting your physical assets or computer hardware from unauthorized physical access. The physical security threats can be caused by the employees of the company itself. The important documents or the hardware of your company can be sold out of greed for a fraction of the actual cost of the item to the rival companies or to others who can get benefitted by it.

The physical security of your assets is comparatively easy to accomplish. The three principles of physical security are:

  • Secure premises: The first principle of physical security is to secure the premises where your assets are kept. You can secure your assets by prohibiting entrance of unauthorized people to your premises, installing security systems, installing surveillance alarms, locking systems, adding extra doors to your vault, and limiting access to sensitive areas of business. Further you can set has electronic passwords for each door, double your security staff, or hire security officers for your office.
  • Detect Theft: The second principle of physical security is to detect theft on regular basis. It is important that you know if something is missing and what loss have occurred. The theft can be detected using surveillance cameras. They also allow you to find out who was involved in the theft. The recording through these cameras can also be used as evidence in court of law.
  • Recovering from Theft: The third principle of physical security is to recover your business from a theft and come back to your normal business. For example if one of your important servers is destroyed or the bank account details are stolen then how long you will take to get back to your normal business. The recovery from theft involves great deal of planning, thinking, and testing. A good practice is to always keep a copy of all important documents of your business away from the business facility at a secure location.

This tutorial discussed about various aspects of information security. It discussed about software as well as software security and also discussed about the security processes, security measures, and security implementations to protect information data of a company.