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How to Interview for a Job

Confidence in a job interview can mean success for you in finding your dream job.

What does it mean to be confident?

Appearing confident during a job interview can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Most interviewees are nervous during job interviews. You are ok if you have anxiety – anyone interviewing should – though you shouldn’t let it show during the interview. By appearing confident, you are showing your interviewers that you can perform for them under pressure. Confidence in your abilities, your experience, your education can all shine through.

I have interviewed dozens of people in individual and group settings. The ones who stand out are the ones who are confident, do not appear nervous, and who calmly collect their answers to questions.

Prepare an Opening Statement

You should always have an opening statement about yourself prepared. You will often be asked “tell us a little about yourself” or “begin by describing what you do.” If you practice an answer to this question, you will start the interview with a positive first impression. A positive first impression is a requirement to succeed in your interview.

Be prepared for the job interview and anticipate what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. For example, if you are interviewing for a bank teller position, the interviewer is probably looking for someone with good customer service skills and someone who is reliable. Banks entrusts tellers with a lot of responsibility – and cash – so a trustworthy employee is a requirement.

Know About the Company

In your preparation for the interview, you should learn a little about the company. Ask the interviewer for a website address for the company when the interview date and time is set. This will give you a chance to learn a little more about the company and its industry. Learn key facts so, if asked, you can demonstrate knowledge and that you have researched the company you want to work for.

Ask Your Own Questions

Potential applicants are often expected to have questions about the position or company. It is natural to want to learn more and impresses the interviewer because you are demonstrating interest in the company. You must prepare a list of questions for the interview. Whenever I interview a candidate and they do not have any questions for me, it makes me a little leery about their interest in the position. You may want to ask questions about:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Company stability
  • Department goals and growth strategy
  • Ability to move up within an organization
  • Benefits
  • Work environment (cubicles, office, bullpen, open work area)
  • Dress code
  • Normal schedule

These are just some of the areas you may have questions in.

Sell Yourself

The end of the interview is the time to make a lasting impression on a potential employer. You want to leave the room with the interviewer wanting to hire you – or at least call you back for a second interview. Have a strong closing – finish with something you may not have mentioned earlier or show strong interest in the job. Remember to set a follow up date.

Good luck!