How to Get Invited to Google+

New Process

The original instructions (posted at the bottom) are no longer working, but do you still want a Google+ account? I have a new set of instructions. This is one of the backdoors that has worked for some. I’ve heard from a lot of people who have found success with it. Note: this requires a Gmail account.

  1. Go to and setup a new Google profile. If you already have a google account, setup your profile, add a couple pictures, setup Buzz, add content about you (this should be the account you have associated with gmail).
  2. Download and install Chrome. The rest of these steps must be performed in Chrome.
  3. Login to your Gmail account. Change your theme to the new preview theme. Select Mail Settings > Theme at the top right.
  4. +1 some things through Google search. Search for something (like!) and +1 links in the search results.
  5. Follow me on Twitter via @learnthat.
  6. Share a link to this article on your Twitter feed with the hash tag #googleplus at the end and @learnthat. For example, Get invited to Google+ and bypass the closed registrations @learnthat #googleplus
  7. Send me your Gmail address via direct message on Twitter. I will add you to a Circle and it should send you an invitation, even though invitations are closed. It can take up to 24 hours for the invitation to come through.

Alternatively, I know a number of people who downloaded the Google+ mobile app for their phone and were able to register through it.

Original Process

UPDATE: Looks like Google fixed the glitch that allowed people to get in. If you do the steps below, I will still send you a note, but for some people, it’s not working to be able to create an account.

Google+ is the hot new social network set to challenge Facebook. Unfortunately, registration is temporarily closed and available by invite only. Many people who have been issued invitations have not been able to get in, but there is a way to get into Google+ through another method. In this tutorial, we will provide you an invitation and show you how to get into Google+ before anyone else!

  1. Follow @learnthat on Twitter.
  2. Share a link to this article on your Twitter feed with the hash tag #googleplus at the end and @learnthat. For example, Get invited to Google+ and bypass the closed registrations @learnthat #googleplus
  3. I will autofollow you, send me a direct message (dm) with your Google account email address and your full name.
  4. I will add you to my network and post a message which will be emailed to you. This will include instruction to bypass the closed registration screen and signup.
  5. Invite all your friends to join Google+ with you!

Follow those steps and you will be on Google+ in no time!