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How to Find Funding for your Startup Business

How to find funding for your business startup is critical to achieving financial freedom and living a prosperous life. While some inaugurate small time companies can be started with minimal capital, many require some substantial expenditure by their owners. If you are looking to start your own business and is contemplating how to find funding for your business startup, you should remember that there are many kinds of start up financial backing available out there.

Possible sources of funding

  • Personal savings –the most common type of funding is your own savings and is the probably the best option if you are looking for ways on how to find funding for your business startup. The obvious advantage of this source is that you do not have to worry about having investors that will scrutinize your every business move or disappointing certain individuals who have provided the monetary resources. On the other hand, one major disadvantage is that if the business does not succeed, you may lose all your savings and possible future income.
  • Small business loans – These kinds of loans can be utilized to buy supplies, equipment, and other important materials to start a particular company. But before considering this as the answer to how to find funding for your business startup, remember that there are certain things that need to be considered.

If you have an excellent credit history and an unwavering business relationship with a bank that provides business loans or venture capitals, then the money can be accomplished by simply filling out an application document.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that unless it is a personal loan, many banks specifically require business owners to have enterprises that have been successful and earning a substantial amount for at least two years. This is because banks give utmost importance at two aspects: the risk is not of not getting paid of the principal amount and whether a particular company can accumulate enough money for the monthly interest rates. It should be noted that banks are not really pay attention to the growth potential of a company.

If you would like to qualify for this type of funding, then you have to ensure that you have everything you need for your application. Do a little research, so that you will become acquainted with the type of documents or other legal materials that you need to provide for the application. This is important if you really want to know how to find funding for your business startup and you want to reduce any hassle or frustrations along the way. Of course, any lender will make sure that you are a credible business person and you have an extensive business plan with estimated overall profit and expenditure.

  • Venture capital – This kind of funding is quite popular among business minded individuals. However, this may not be the right source of monetary funding, especially if you are a beginner who wants to know how to find funding for your business startup because it is very troublesome to obtain. Furthermore, only a small number of businesses are successful in accomplishing venture capitals. This is because only less than 20 percent of the overall venture capital is recovered in start up companies.
  • Angel investors – This is a term that is used to describe private individuals who are willing to invest in start ups. These investors generally invest in sophisticated and electronic solutions companies that have the capabilities to quickly grow and generate significant amount of profit. In general, many private investors work together in Angel Networks and are willing to provide financial aids to individuals like you who are looking for ways on how to find funding for your business startup. You can check the Internet or search the local newspapers for Angel Networks within your area.
  • Vendor financing – These are additional ways to achieve capital for your new business. If you are wondering how to find funding for your business startup, then this option can be the right one for you. Vendor financing is when a product provider lets you purchase the things that you need and gives you about 30 to 90 to pay. In general, this kind of business structure comes with 1 to 2 percent interest that can be payable for up to five to six months with the vendor’s discretion.

Additional tips and guidelines on how to find funding for your business startup

To make the acquisition of funds a lot easier, you should commit to your planned business venture before proceeding with a loan. A good way to achieve this is to come up with an extensive business plan. This is important because almost every lender will ask you to show a business plan and once you are in the process of filling out the application form.

You should also determine the amount of money that you need. This is essential if you want to get started by obtaining a business loan. You can do a quick research for possible loan providers and do not accept the first loan that has been approved. Shopping around for other possible means can be ideal, especially if you know how much collateral, interest rate, and time table is required to repay a particular funding.


It can be said that finding the monetary resources for a new business is easy to find if you how to start. As such, you should be resourceful when it comes to spending the money from these loans. After all, how to find funding for your business startup and the overall success of your business venture directly relies on the management of your resources.