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5 Ways to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

As summer arrives, so does the opportunity for travel and vacation. With gas prices skyrocketing, airline ticket prices are going up and its becoming harder to find cheap airfare. However, there are many opportunities to find cheap airline tickets and we’re going to explore a couple of options here.

There’s a lot of both art and science to finding inexpensive airline tickets – let’s explore a couple of ways for you to find cheap tickets.

Finding Cheap Airfare

1. First, Check the Travel Aggregators

First, we check the major travel sites such as and These sites aggregate airline ticket prices from all the major airlines and let you see flexible travel options to find the lowest cost. This allows you to quickly identify the cheapest airline tickets available for your flight dates.

2. Next, Check the Airline Sites

In the past, we often found the major airline sites to be more expensive than many of the travel sites, however, many times you can find a deal on the airline site that isn’t available elsewhere. Now that we know the cheapest flights available to the travel aggregators, we have a baseline to compare with at the airline site itself. You can sometimes find a better deal by going direct to the airline.

3. Use Your Airline Miles

If you are part of an airline miles program, or have airline miles offered on your credit cards, check to see how many miles you have accumulated. Some credit cards offer miles with purchases and you might think about running all of your bills this month through that credit card to accumulate additional miles. These miles can reduce your travel costs considerably.

4. Travel Through an Association Discount

We get reduced travel costs through our insurance company with discounts on airline tickets, hotels, and travel cars. You may be a member of an association that offers travel discounts. Check the website of the groups you belong to for potential discounts on cheap airline tickets.

5. Buy a Bundled Deal to Save Money on Travel Costs

Many travel agencies or sites offer bundled travel deals with airline tickets, cars, and hotels that reduce you’re overall travel costs. If you need a car rental or hotel, you can bundle the travel deal to get cheaper airline tickets.

You can find cheap deals on airline tickets if you’re focused and you search long. Good luck!