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How Do I Exchange Currency?

How Do I Exchange Currency?

Most banks can exchange currency for you. But you will likely have to go to a main branch, because not all banks keep a stock of foreign currency at the ready.

You can also exchange money at Exchange stands in airports or travel terminals around the world. But beware, just like anything else that is available for ease of use at the airport, there will be a hefty fee attached.

Sometimes it is smart to wait until you are in the country whose money you want. Depending on the exchange rate, you may get more for your dollar this way.

Another way to get foreign currency without having to actually exchange it, it to use an ATM machine in the foreign country. This won’t work everywhere, but some banks have international access, and all military bases do.

It is a good idea to find out about the area you are traveling to before you exchange money. Sometimes they’ll take American dollars. And sometimes they’ll take travelers checks. It is usually a good idea to have a mixture of all three.

You can also use your credit card internationally, your bank will automatically convert the currency for you.

If you need to know what the current exchange rate is, we find as our favorite currency calculator.