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How Do I Choose a Bank?

Choosing a bank can seem like a daunting task- there is a different one on every corner and each one offers something different. But that is actually a good thing. So much competition means better deals for you!

Now it is possible to find a bank that allows you to use the teller, the drive through, the ATM, and to access your account online…all for free! But you have to do your research, because not all banks offer free checking, and if they do, they won’t always tell you about that option unless you ask.

So go online or make a few phone calls. Find out if the bank has a lot of ATM locations. It doesn’t do you any good to have free checking if you have to spend $2 a pop to use another bank’s ATM because you bank only has one branch and it is all the way across town.

You may be eligible because of where you live or what type of job you have to join a credit union. Many people like credit unions because they offer a lot of free services (like maybe free Money Orders). But keep in mind that credit unions are often few and far between, so you may end up with the ATM surcharge problem.