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Exam Question: Scope, Time, Cost

The concept of (the)                   states that changes related to one requirement—scope, time, or cost—will at least influence one other element.

1) Three-point estimation

2) Triple constraint

3) Three wise men

4) Three needs theory

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Correct Answer: 2


Project Management Professional (PMP) is the preparing, overseeing and control over every aspect of a project. The triple constraint, also known as project scope triangle or project quality triangle. Your project results are determined by managing the key project aspects of Scope, Cost and Time. Scope refers to what the project is for and what constrains the project. Cost relates to the monetary expense of the project resources and time indicates the period in which the finished project should be delivered. Time will be the available time needed to supply the actual project, cost symbolizes how much money or resources are accessible and quality presents the fit-to-purpose which the project needs to generate to be considered a success.


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