Discover More People You Know on LinkedIn

From the early days of Myspace to the present, social networking has come a long way.  Business professionals, freelancers, and creatives alike are finding that LinkedIn can be one of the best resources for broadening a social network that has actual dollar potential.

The new Discover People You May Know feature on LinkedIn makes it even easier than ever before for users to find others who are connected to their alma mater, employer, or other networks.

The People You May Know feature appears in the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.  Add a connection by clicking Connect below a person’s name.

Click on a person’s profile picture or View Profile to learn more about them.

To see more than the first three suggested people under People You May Know, click See more >> for additional recommendations.

On this page, LinkedIn offers different options for narrowing down the results by network.  Networks may include your school, grad school, past and current employers, among other options.

When you select a network, a list of people LinkedIn thinks you might know in that network appears.  Some of these people might share connections with you.  From this page you can easily view which connections you share in common with these users.

Below each user’s profile picture is a Connect button.  Clicking the Connect button brings up a default message you can send to connect with that person.  However, because LinkedIn makes it so easy to identify which connections you have in common, you can take advantage of this message feature and personalize what you want to say in your request for making a connection.  This is your opportunity to bring up the connections you share in common.

Find people you may know on LinkedIn today with the new People You May Know feature.