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CompTIA Network+ 2009 Domain 5: Network Tools

Network+ Domain 5.0: Network Tools Summary

In this Network+ tutorial, you learned:

  • Command line interface tools such as traceroute, ipconfig, ifconfig, ping, arp ping, arp, nslookup, hostname, dig, mtr, route, nbtstat, netstat.
  • Network scanners including packet sniffers, intrusion detection software, intrusion prevention software, and port scanners.
  • Network hardware tools including cable testers, protocol analyzer, certifiers, TDR, OTDR, multimeter, toner probe, butt set, punch down tool, cable stripper, snips, voltage event recorder, and temperature monitor.

This section of the exam is very scenario based – given a certain scenario, what are the best tools you can use to troubleshoot, identify the problem, and then provide a resolution. Since the Network+ certification is considered an entry level networking exam, you should not fret about scenario-based testing and instead learn what the tools are for and how to use them.

Congratulations on finishing the tutorial, here’s a practice exam for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, domain 5.

Good luck on your Network+ exam!