CompTIA Certifications

A+ Certification: Part 4 – Hardware: Networking and Printers

Section Quiz

1. What is a gateway?

a. A device which joins two or more dissimilar networks c. A card which allows your computer to access a network
b. A device which allows data sharing between two workstations d. A device which prevents physical access to networking equipment

2. A network which stretches across the US is considered a?

a. MAN c. WAN
b. LAN d. Inexpensive investment

3. Which of these is an example of a network protocol?

a. Ethernet c. 10BaseT
b. Gateway d. TCP

4. 10Base2 networks typically use what kind of cabling?

a. Coaxial c. Cat2
b. Cat5 d. Fiber optic

5. What is a NIC?

a. Network Interface Connection c. Network Interface Card
b. New Interface Card d. Network Interfacing Computer