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9 Tips for Growing Your Email List Via Facebook

Email marketing is, undoubtedly, one of the most effective online marketing methods. Many Internet marketers are raking in thousands of dollars simply by selling their mailing list. In fact, if you choose email marketing, you need to build a massive mailing list before you could make any money out of it. To build your mailing list, you could utilize a number of tools and tactics, Facebook marketing is among them. Facebook is not just a social networking site for you to hang out with your friends or promote your business, it could be an effective tool for growing your email list if you know how to. Below are some tips to help you grow your email list via Facebook.

1. Build Your Landing Page

Before you could consider improving your Facebook page, you have to take care of your landing page first. Firstly, you need to sign up for an email marketing service to be able to send and manage mass emails to your subscribers. You should set up a professional looking newsletter signup page that is attractive enough to make a user enter their personal contact information. Without a good landing page, all your Facebook marketing efforts may go in vain.

2. Seek Help From the Email Marketing Service

Most people use an email marketing service to manage and keep track of their mailing list. Maybe your email marketing provider has some tools to help you promote on Facebook if you ask them for it. Many have Facebook apps that you could customize and add to your Facebook page to increase your signup rate. Some will allow you to create a customized signup page directly inside Facebook.

3. Create Your Own Facebook App

There are many ways you could create your own customized Facebook app. The new Facebook timeline has made it extremely easy for users to create customized apps to their heart’s content. You may also hire a professional coder to code an app for you, however, you will have to pay money of course. Investing in attractive Facebook apps is a sure way to generate income and traffic from this big social network site. Many Facebook users are spending more and more time on interesting apps instead of chatting or playing games. Once you have managed to create an app, it is time to promote it, or at least make it prominent so that it will receive the highest exposure possible.

4. Optimize Your About Description

The new Facebook timeline enables users to add a 150-character description beneath your profile picture. Utilize this feature to add as much information about your business as possible and include a link to your landing page or a link to your signup app if you have one.

5. Highlight Your Newsletter Updates

Whenever you update your newsletter or send out emails to your list, make sure to update the status on your Facebook timeline as well. Make sure the type of writing you use is promotional yet meaningful. Do not attempt to hard-sell since it may be annoying to some Facebook users. Some examples of good updates are:

-Learn the latest techniques to attract new customers by signing up for our newsletter at (link).

-Did you know that you could use toothpaste to treat acne? Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated of the latest movements in acne treatment (link).

6. Offer Incentives

This is one of the fastest ways to increase your signup rate. Simply offer an incentive of some kind and watch your subscription number increase like crazy. You don’t need to offer real cash as an incentive, maybe it is just an access to some valuable information, or virtual prizes that may be beneficial to the users.

7. Take Good Care of Your Subscribers

Once you have managed to get a user to subscribe to your newsletter, it is time to start nursing the relationship. You should set up automatic welcome emails which contain useful information about your service and links to your website, blog, or anything that you want to promote. The key to building a good relationship with your subscribers is to post regularly and answer any emails that they send to you. Since you will be selling out to your subscribers again and again, it helps if you could invest enough time to build a solid relationship with them.

8. Use Pictures

When you update your status on Facebook, make sure you include some beautiful and unique pictures as well. Facebook users love pictures, and are more inclined to share and like a post with pictures than a post without. Utilize this feature to get your content shared like crazy among Facebook users. Make sure your pictures are relevant to your newsletter topic.

9. Ask the Users to Subscribe Directly

Sometimes being straightforward will help you get more subscribers. Simply ask your fans or visitors to subscribe to your mailing list and list all the advantages of being a subscriber. Most people will subscribe if they find your newsletter’s content helpful.

Above are some ways you could use to build your email marketing list with Facebook. Facebook is a very powerful social network that you can take advantage of to make money online. You should not be afraid to start even if you are a total newbie in Facebook marketing. Practice makes perfect. Once you have mastered all the above techniques, you could start monetizing from your mailing list consistently by selling directly to them.