7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

Advertising on Facebook is no longer a new concept. If you know some Facebook advertising secrets, you could get free traffic without paying a dime for the source. The Facebook team has been improving their social media metrics to help advertisers and businesses keep track of their online marketing campaigns. If you are interested in increasing your EdgeRank with Facebook, you should learn about these seven ways to improve your Facebook EdgeRank.

1. Post Photos, a Lot of Them

Photo blogging is not a new concept. Today, people love photos, beautiful photos. If you could find yourself a lot of unique and extraordinary photos to post on your Facebook, you are at an advantage. Facebook measures your post’s exposure not only by how many fans you have, but also how many people see your post and react to your post. The new Facebook news feed algorithm now enables people and busines owners to post using six post types: a text-only status update, a photo, a video, a link, platform post, and a question. Statistics have shown that Facebook pages tend to receive more engagement through photo posts than link, video or text posts. You could get twenty times more engagement if you use the right photos for your Facebook posts.

2. Create Photo Albums

Photo albums look differently from other posts in people’s news feed, so they tend to get clicked on more often. Facebook hasn’t confirmed it yet, but clicks inside photo albums seem to have an impact on your EdgeRank calculation.

3. Write More Text in Status Update

The easiest way to engage with your followers and fans is to keep your business updated with simple texts. A way to increase your Facebook EdgeRank is to create lenghthy messages that make the user to click on the “read more” link to see the rest of the text status. A lot of online organizations, including magazines, are utilize this technique to increase their EdgeRank and user engagement. The higher the quality of the text, the more efforts you put in it, the higher the chance of it getting shared by your followers and fans.

4. Use Post Targeting

This is a completely new feature of Facebook fan page. You could now target your post based on your fan’s demographic or interest criteria. This feature was originally only available to Facebbook advertisers. If you have an exclusive campaign that you want to target only a selected group of your fans, you could use post targeting to engage only people of a certain age, interests, gender, education level, relationship status, and location. You can make use of this feature in two different ways:

-Post to a selected group of people who are most likely to respond to your messsage. This way, your message is delivered to less people, but receives more engagement.

-Secondly, you could divide your fans into multiple groups and post to each group one at a time. This way, you could selectively choose the way you interact with your fan base.

5. Post at the Right Time

This technique is not new, however, it is still effective in helping you increase your EdgeRank. This technique involves a lot of testing and implementing. If you can manage to find the right time to post your message, you could increase your page engagement to a great extent. The key to this is to understand your audience: How old are they? Where are they located? When will they typically be on Facebook?

6. Ask for What You Want

Instead of posting a photo with no comment or a plain boring text message hoping your audience will pass it around and keep sharing your content, you should first engage in the action. Ask your fans directly to do what you want: share the photo, give opinion, like your post, share your content, or answer a question. The key here is to be polite, professional and not too needy. You don’t want to create a thought that you are begging for attention.

7. Post Consistently

Don’t expect to have a good EdgeRank if you only post on your fan page once in a while. It takes a lot of effort to maintain an active and engaging fan page. You need to post daily if possible. Try to offer some value through your posts, and your posts will get shared automatically. However, remember to keep your posts high quality and not spammy. You should post just enough to keep your fans coming back to your page. Post too often with short, spammy messages and you will annoy your fans big time, and some of them will be annoyed enough to permanently block you.

Above are seven ways to help you increase your EdgeRank. Remember, Facebook advertising is not only a business, but also an art. You have to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments in Facebook marketing to be able to tap into the free traffic source that Facebook can bring you. If you are new to Facebook marketing, you should not be afraid to get started. Just try new things and implement everything you learn to create your own strategy in Facebook marketing.