7 Steps to Becoming a Better Social Media Manager

Managing a social media account for a business can be both rewarding and irritating. Some days will seem like no work at all with the interaction of the various social media tools become fun and rewarding. Other days will seem like a death march, with fires constantly needing to put out and the clock ticking away all too slowly. The live of a social media manager I a good life, but there are seven steps that should be remembered along the way.

1. A Social Media manager is human

It is often tempting to become too enamored or to angry at the users of social media. This is because you are human. Remember this little detail and the social media life will go much smoother. When angry, take a step back and don’t communicate via any media sites for a bit. When infatuated with a user or a product, be careful that preferential treatment doesn’t virtually bleed through. The relative anonymity of the internet can both help and hinder a social media manager. Just remember to use the same rules of business as you would in dealing with someone in person.

2. Treat Social Media users with respect

It is best not to assume the worst about the users of social media. There will always be people who use the anonymity of the internet to post outrageous subject matters on social media sites. Treat these outbursts as an exception to the rule, not as something common to all users. Remember that all users are either current customers or potential users of your company’s product or service. Treat these social media users well and this will reflect on the company as a whole.

3. When off work, stay off work

It is a good thing to separate work life and personal life. This is especially true for anyone that is in the public eye in any way, including social media managers. Many that start working in social media want people to treat them as part of the company even during the off hours. They will convert their private twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages in to another link to their company. Resist this urge. Remember that you are part of the company even in off hours, but don’t let your personal time be consumed with work. This can lead to burnout even among social media managers.

4. Have fun with Social Media

Social media is a part of life that is very fun and exciting. A social media manger can interact with customers and users, create cool and creative content, and help their company become a batter place for everyone involved. It is a fun job that helps those with a creative edge find an outlet that can be useful and productive. Keep having fun by thinking of new and unique ways to use the social media tools that are available. Coming up with ideas is half the fun of being a social media manager.

5. Flame wars are no fun for anyone

The best advice when flame wars break out is not to get involved. Although these wars are common on the various forums around the internet, when it comes to social media they can be personal. Twitter and Facebook make it easy for a user to look up information about who is managing the social media. Don’t let yourself be baited in to joining the conversation. The best thing to do is use an official position for the company that you work for and just state that position. Everyone has an opinion and when a flame war breaks out these opinions will be heard. Just remember a flame can’t survive without fuel, so don’t add fuel to the fire. This is business not personal.

6. Become an expert at using social media tools

Many tools of the trade are useful for managing social media. These range from Twitter clients like Tweetdeck and Metrotwit, to list managing tools like Socialbro. These tools tend to be complex and have many features. Learn what these features are and decide how useful they are to your job. Become an expert with these tools in the area in which they help you the most, but don’t be afraid to jettison the features that are no help. Since the social media industry is ever-changing and volatile, keep an eye out for new tools that might help your job even more. Just because Tweetdeck has been used for three years doesn’t mean it will always be at the top of the social media toolbox.

7. Automating all posts is not advised

The above tools will allow a social media manager to automatic almost every step of the process, from accepting friends to posting tweets and status updates. This isn’t advised as social media users will start to notice if the posts are all automated. This can lead to users thinking the account is just a robot and abandoning the Facebook page or twitter account. Since a social media manager is in customer service, you must remember that customers and users like interaction. Some posts can be automated but remember to always have live post as well. A good idea is to do Question and Answer sessions with your followers, proving that you are no robot. This will help consumer confidence and spread good will for the company.