50 Ways to Be a Romantic Man

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Your wife desperately needs to hear it. She says she wants for you to show it, too. How can you say, "I Love You" through your words and deeds without using those three words all of the time? Here are fifty great ideas:

1. Take off an hour or two early from work and surprise her by making dinner. Make a program for the evening, complete with a description of the meal and a bill offering: "Now Appearing — the most beautiful woman in the world!" Hand it to her as she walks in the door.

2. Give her a flower for each month you have been together. Write a card (you fill in the time):"x seconds, y minutes, z months and counting. It’s been the greatest time of my life."

3. Give her a facial massage.

4. Take her to the ballet or theatre.

5. Plan an overnight at a bed & breakfast. If the budget won’t allow it, create your own b&b. Serve her breakfast in bed then go downtown for some antique store window shopping.

6. Swap babysitting with another couple. Have a "babysitting date night" one Friday and the next week enjoy free babysitting and time alone together.

7. Give her a romantic basket. Fill it with bubble bath, chocolates — whatever her favorite little treats might be. Then place notes all over the house like scavenger hunt to make her find it. At the end you can remind her, "You are my treasure."

8. Give her a key with a note that says, "You have the key to my heart" or, "You’re the key to my happiness."

9. Send flowers to your sweetie’s workplace.

10. If you go on a business trip for an extended period of time, send your mate cards timed to arrive the beginning, middle, and end of your trip.

11. Take a polaroid of yourself holding your breath. Stick it in her lunch or purse with a note that says, "I’m holding my breath till I see you again."

12. Ask her to share her lunch break with you. Pack a basket or order Chinese take-out and go to a park for a picnic.

13. Give her 10 red roses and 2 white ones in the middle with a note that reads "You will never stand alone."

14. Try to pay her at least one compliment a day.

15. Praise her in front of people. If you have children, tell them "You have a great mom. She is so beautiful, or talented, or such a great cook, etc…"

16. Wake up early on a Saturday morning "just to cuddle." Explain the night before: "I’m setting the alarm 20 minutes early because I’d really just like to hold you close tomorrow morning."

17. Make your wife breakfast in bed.

18. Do her chores for a week.

19. Wash her car. Then wax it. And vaccum the inside.

20. Always look into her eyes when she’s talking to you.

21. Give a map – "I can never be lost with you around."

22. Give her a pocket dictionary – Write "You" as the meaning next to the word "Life", mark the page and give it to them "Without you, life would have no meaning."

23. Turn her birthday into a birthday month.

24. Sit down and write your goals together.

25. Return to those goals six months later to discuss them and re-evaluate.

26. Massage her shoulders whenever you get a chance.

27. Bake cookies together.

28. Take a bath together.

29. Send a greeting card for no reason. Mail it from your office to the house.

30. Better yet, create your own homemade card.

31. Give a fish & fish bowl with a note attached that reads, "Out of all the fish in the world I pick you!"

32. Start a journal of your thoughts and present it to your wife.

33. Call her mother on your wife’s birthday to thank her for her lovely daughter. Send your mom-in-law flowers.

34. Ask the question, "What can I do for you today, honey?"

35. Hold her hand whenever you walk together.

36. Tell her that she is the best thing that has ever happened to you in your entire life.

37. Renew your wedding vows.

38. Learn to say, "I was wrong. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?"

39. Write 100 reasons why you love your wife on 100 post-it notes and place them all over the house.

40. Create a jar filled with "Love Coupons." Make the coupons redeemable for hugs, kisses, back rubs or any number of special favors. Give the jar to your lover and let him/her redeem the coupons over time.

41. If your partner is stressed out, let her take a nap and keep all distractions and emergencies away during that time.

42. Talk about your dreams together and where you two are going in life.

43. Say, "You mean the world to me."

44. Call your wife right now to say "I Love You."

45. Catch her eyes in a crowd and wink.

46. Place a card on her steering wheel that says "You drive me crazy!"

47. Unplug the TV and leave a card on top that says "Turn me on instead."

48. Write a personalized love story and have it bound.

49. Pray over dinner every night.

50. Say, "I Love you" three times a day for the rest of your life.