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5 Tips for Attracting Social Media Influencers

When it comes to promoting your products and services, there is no question that attaining the backing of social media influencers is an enormous advantage. With the rate at which social media has grown, neglecting to promote yourself on these networks would be a sure mistake.

Many people who have never used social media as a marketing tool expect influencers to back your products and brands specifically because they find them to be ingenious and awesome. They expect that a good product or interesting idea will naturally attract influencers. Although it’s a good idea in theory, it hardly ever works out this way. More often than not, if you go into social media with this mindset, you won’t achieve the goals you have in mind.

Unless you have large amounts of money, it is almost impossible to tempt an influencer to endorse your product simply on its merits. In reality, it is creativity and innovation that will draw influencers to your initiatives and projects.

No influencer wants to be a salesperson for your products unless you are paying them hundreds of thousands to do so. However, everyone wants to be a part of something creative and new. Keeping this in mind, the following five tips will help to draw social media influencers to your brand or project:

1. Create a Meme Out Of Your Idea

A meme, which is a concept that is spread quickly mostly over the internet, is an idea that is undeniably catchy. Slogans such as Nike’s “Just Do It” are memes. Memes are easy for people to understand. They identify with the idea and make it their own. They can’t help but share it with other people. Creating a meme for yourself will transcend mere brand and go a long way to attracting social media influencers.

2. Never Directly Request Endorsement of Your Product

Never ask social media influencers to directly back your site or product. However, do create projects related to your brand but not directly connected to it that an influencer can endorse. You want people to be inspired to support your concepts and ideas. If you can’t get people to get excited, to feel like they are participating in an important idea, you are always going to struggle to get anyone to back your projects. Make sure that your projects have meaning beyond your product. People like to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

3. Make Sure Your Project Has Value

Ideas and memes are all well and good but they are rarely enough to secure the endorsement of social media influencers. Although you might make your project catchy and easy to remember, a lack of added value can leave people wanting more.

However, if you ensure that your project is both memetic as well as valued, then people will feel that you not only have good ideas but are contributing to the improvement of the world. Demonstrating the value of your endeavors will also ensure that no one feels manipulated by you to participate in a project with shallow goals.

4. Make it Easy for Everyone to Participate

A sure way to deter social media influencers from partipating in your projects is to require them to take part in long seminars and interviews. Make sure to only require short segments of time from anyone who participates. Make it interesting and fun. And, of course when it comes to time to talk with your target client base, you want to do the same. It is much harder to say “yes” to anything when you feel it is excessively difficult or that there are too many obstacles in the way. Make it short and sweet and people will be far more inclined to listen to and participate in what you have to offer.

5. Be Creative as Possible While Still Being Understandable and Accessible

Although you want your concepts to be as new and, yes, radical as possible, you need to ensure that you are easily able to maintain your projects and have the result be something that will be easily appreciated by the user.

Avoid banality at all costs. Although your packets full of information may be highly useful and indicate that you are highly prepared for anything that might come your way, they are hardly going to snag anyone’s attention or draw interest in your project.

On the other hand, even the most revolutionary companies that feature brand new concepts admit that their methods of running their companies are highly traditional. You want to provide everyone with products and services that are new and different but also usable and accessible.

When it comes to attracting social media influencers, you want to take old ideas and challenge them. Make them new. But you don’t want to become so avant-garde that your results are something that no user would be able to work with.

In short, make yourself original without being too over the top. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t challenge yourself to be the next best thing.

When it comes to reaching out to social media influencers, there are lots of things to keep in mind. These five are simply a good start. Social media has become a real asset to those who have been able to take advantage of its numerous benefits. With the number of users increasing daily, social media really is an excellent means of marketing your brand and your valued ideas.