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5 Best Tips to Increase Email Click-Through

Email marketing is one of the most consistent ways to get powerful traffic and consistent profits. The people running online sites that aren’t converting their community of viewers into consistent and willing advertising participants are wasting valuable time and losing money by the day. For example, imagine 10,000 people that love glass cups. They search for glass cup websites, stumble onto a great page and opt in to the email list. The owner of that page now has 10,000 of the strongest leads as a consistent resource for endorsing their content and products. The only limitation of the email list’s marketing potential is the amount of people that are willing to invest in promotions. If an email has a potential to convert $4.00 of profit, then a 1% click-through is worth $400. Again, that’s for a single email. If the email took one hour to draft, it’s an effective $400 hour.

Take into consideration that the $400 result is only with a measly 1% conversion rate. The power of Internet marketing offers lots of room for growth, and this is exactly why it’s so important to seek the greatest click-through rates. To put this into perspective, 20 minutes of work could be another 1% in some situations, which would bring the running total up to $800 in 80 minutes, or $10 per minute. Why exactly do people want jobs?

1. Understand What They Want

Email marketing is very simple. Send people something that they’d like to receive. This is not rocket science. If they signed up for a site about glass cups, send them cool information and unique insights on glass cups that they can’t get anywhere else. It doesn’t need to be premier, but it does needs to be unique. Premier content is likely to attract more people and higher quality clicks, but it’s ok to develop that over time. Making millions is great, but so is making the climb to millions.

2. Push the Benefits

People need to understand that what they’re getting is awesome. If they’re being sent to an affiliate offer, they need to fully trust and believe that it’s worth their money. This isn’t always true, but it’s generally accurate. In order to increase click-through with benefits, be sure to highlight every benefit in a way that complements the most common concerns that people have. If it’s a glass cup, be sure to emphasize how nice it looks, how beautifully it’s crafted, how much it stands out when visitors come over and how rare it might be. These are usually enough of a benefit for one in one hundred people to bite the bullet and buy the cup.

3. Ice the Cake

“Icing the Cake” is the mentality of adding something special to an offer. This is why those guys on TV always throw a ton of free stuff on top of the deal. The idea is to push the next-most-likely viewer to a sale with a little addition, free gift or special “thank you” offer. If the icing is good enough, it can provide up to two percent of click-through to an email. That’s an $800 increase when applied to the example above.

4. Create Limitations or Exclusiveness

One of the easiest ways to push the click-through up is to increase the sense of urgency that the viewer feels when considering the option. If the offer is only available for 24 hours, they are much less likely to consider procrastinating and much more likely to make an impulsive decision. This is the key to converting the people that want to buy but also have short attention spans or are procrastinators. The easiest ways to go about this are limiting total sales or placing a time limit on the offer.

5. The Three Mini-Tips

The four tips listed above are usually the most powerful ways of directly improving results. It’s important to understand, though, that an email is always going to be limited by the influence of a site or organization. The last tips are indirect, but they’re just as important as direct approaches.

Power of Authority. The stronger that a site is, the better it’s chances of developing a strong following and word-of-mouth traffic. Being an authority is an easy way to increase click-through rates.

Social Media Presence. An easy way to get people interested in emails is pumping them up on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. This gives emails another chance to be considered by subscribers.

Avoid Over Sending. Sending too many emails is an easy way to make subscribers habitually avoid emails. Unless they’re very relevant on a day-to-day basis, they shouldn’t be sent very often. It’s better to have lots of views and anticipation than to annoy subscribers with meager content.

Following these tips is as easy road to success. Remember to stay focused and passionate, because there’s always going to be competition for profits. The ones that aren’t committed will eventually lose pace, but the people that are consistent with their marketing efforts will be rewarded with one of the greatest careers of the digital era.