25 Ideas for Blog Posts

Blogs are some of the best tools available for promoting your business and services.  This article will cover 25 ideas for blog posts that are applicable to any business.  Next time you’re scratching your head for what to write about, take a look at this list and custom tailor a post to fit your unique business.

  1. Write a How To Article

Anytime the question of how to do something arises, the immediate action is to whip out a cell phone and look up the answer.  Writing a brief 300-word article about how to do something that is related to your business or industry (it doesn’t have to be what you actually do) can draw a lot of traffic to your blog.

  1. Take a Contrarian’s Position to Common Wisdom

People know when they’re reading the same old advice over and over.  Shake it up a bit.  If you’re a business owner, you have an authoritative voice in your industry in the mind of a customer.  Say something that will turn a few heads!

  1. Share Links to the Best Industry Blogger/Twitter Users

Linking to others who are sharing information customers might want to know about is a good way to move your name around on the internet.  Twitter is especially useful because it provides a link back to your company.

  1. Write a Response to Industry Research With Your Position

This is a great opportunity to engage with the industry and exhibit your knowledge about changes that are taking place.  This is also a good opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  1. Write a Tutorial Demonstrating Your Product/Service

This blog post is free advertising for you.  Make it personal though.  People don’t want to feel like they’re being preached to.  Make a genuine connection with the customer by talking about how you actually use your product/service.

  1. Interview an Expert and Post It to the Blog

Bring a big name onto your blog will draw search engine traffic.  It also establishes your credibility as a business that really does know what it’s doing.  Demonstrate you’re interested in quality with this blog post.

  1. Write a List of Weekly News Articles

If you keep abreast of changes in your industry – and you probably do – you’ve already done the work behind writing this post.  Gather up links to 4-6 articles you’ve read about your industry and share them with customers.  People feel comfortable getting third-party knowledge about the industry before buying your product/service.

  1. Feature a Client and How They Use Your Product

Connecting with customers in a personal way is important these days, especially with the rise of social media.  Featuring one relatable person and how they use your product is a highly effective way to draw attention to how useful your product actually is.

  1. Highlight an Employee In Your Company and What He/She Actually Does

Everyone likes to get an inside scoop.  Let them have it!  This is your chance to spotlight how amazing your company is in a behind-the-scenes way.  The quality of your product is clear.  Now, show off what makes it so good: the people behind it!

  1. Have an Expert Write a Guest Blog Post

The immediate benefit of this is clear: a reliable, third party source is willing to put his name on your blog.  The real benefit though is this expert probably has his own blog with lots of followers and he’ll be sure to tell them he just wrote a guest post for you.  When his followers click the link over to your site, you’ll see a boost in traffic!

  1. Run a Survey of Customers in the Industry and Post the Results

Surveys can help make your product relatable.  Also, they might work in your favor to highlight the importance of your product.  Translate the survey for readers in your blog post so that it is directly pertinent to you.

  1. Take a Presentation You Created and Create A Post With the Content

This is another easy one because you’ve already done all the work.  Grab a presentation that holds general interest and reformat for a blog post.  Easy!  Done!

  1. Write a Book Review

Have you read a book related to your industry lately?  Share your thoughts on it with customers.  This is a fairly simple one to do, and you’re promoting your industry as a whole.

  1. Share Industry Videos From YouTube

Sometimes readers would rather be viewers.  Use the traffic your blog has to direct them over to YouTube.  A video with images can be more powerful than blog posts sometimes, and can help serve to drum up interest in your business.

  1. Write a Top 10 Tips List for Using Your Product

This blog post can be popular with people who already own your product, but can also spark some new thoughts in the minds of those who don’t own your product, inspiring them to become customers!

  1. Write About Common Mistakes in Your Industry

Here’s another chance to demonstrate your experience and expertise.  Don’t be shy about telling customers about your own mistakes in the past.  It makes you more personable and people appreciate the authenticity.

  1. Write a Story About Something in the News and How You Relate To It

This one doesn’t have to be directly product related.  Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to share more personal information about yourself, as you feel comfortable doing.

  1. Write a Post Listing Your Most Popular Posts From the Last Month

Here’s a no-brainer.  This gives new readers a chance to look at your most popular posts, while reminding old readers of certain things you’d like to bring back to their attention.  Also, this type of post affirms that your blog is actually effective and read.

  1. Create a Case Study About a Company In Your Industry

Not an opportunity to knock the competition, rather this can be a great way to promote your industry on the whole.  Definitely be sure to tie it back to your product or service at the end!

  1. Create an Industry Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

This post establishes you as an authority in your industry.  Also, it gets great search results.  People are always searching for FAQ’s.  It’s likely that your product/service will draw some questions, too.

  1. Run a Contest

Is your product/service something you can give away if you attract enough attention?

  1. Share Company News — an Employee Promotion or New Product Release

This is a great chance to share your excitement with customers.  It can also be a good opportunity to personalize your company.

  1. Share the Best Social Media Posts You Saw this Week

Here’s another blog post where you’ve probably already done all the work without realizing it just by keeping up with your industry!

  1. Post Pictures From a Tradeshow or Company Event

Give readers the inside scoop.  This is information with limited access.  Open it up to your readership!

  1.   Share a Story From the History of Your Company

There’s information no one else knows about your company but you, the insider.  Sharing this can help boost your company’s reputation for quality, while also allowing you the opportunity to tell something interesting and unique.

You have no more excuses for not blogging!  Get out there and start promoting yourself with these 25 easy posts!