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10 Creative Ways to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is not only a great social networking tool, it is also a fantastic marketing vehicle. Using a company Facebook Page, you can communicate with your fans (customers) and create lasting relationships. The first step is to find people to fan your page. In this free Facebook tutorial, we’re going to explore 10 creative ways to increase likes for your Facebook page.

1. Share the Page on Your Personal Profile

At the bottom left of your company page, you will find a Share link that allows you to share the page to your friends:

When you click on this link, you will share your Page on your personal profile. Add a clever paragraph describing your page and encourage your friends and family to Like your page.

2. Add Your Page to Your Email Signature

Include a link to your business Facebook Page in your email signature to promote your Facebook page with every email you send out.

3. Send a Link to Your Page to Your Email List

Email newsletters still provide one of the greatest marketing tools for businesses. The click through rates on email newsletters are very high and you can promote your business Facebook Page on every email newsletter you send out. Include a link with a paragraph asking for the recipient to fan your page.

4. Add the Facebook Widget to Your Page

There are a number of social widgets available from Facebook to promote your business Page on your own site. These widgets offer different functions, but all are easy to implement on your site.

The Like Box provides a stream of your updates, ability to Like your page, and a display of your fans.

5. Offer Something Unique to Fans

Facebook offers the ability to create content which is only displayed to Fans and to show some content only to non-Fans. You can create a compelling page that only fans can access with unique content only available on Facebook. This promotes something unique for Fans and will encourage people to Like your page.

6. Use Facebook as a Page

In the upper right hand sidebar of your page, there is a link to use Facebook as your Page:

Clicking this link will allow you to use Facebook as a Page – commenting on items and posting as a page instead of as your personal profile. This will expand your exposure and increase the potential for people to find your page.

7. People Can Fan You Via SMS

If you speak at live events, you can have people Fan your Page via their cell phone. All they have to do is to send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the message fan yourusername. For example, if you send a text message via SMS to 32665 with the message fan learnthatcom you will become a fan of our Facebook Page. Try it now!

8. Display a Link in Your Business

You’ll be surprised by the number of mobile users who will Fan your Page if you display a link in your store. Encourage them with exclusive offers or coupons and your conversion rate will go up. You can also incentivize people by offering a discount on premises for anyone fanning your page.

9. Reference Your Page Using @

When you post an update, you can reference your page by typing @ and the first few letters of your page name, e.g. @Learnth. If you are a Fan of the page, it will show up in a pop up list and you can select it, providing a link to anyone seeing your status update. This is a great way to highlight new posts or features on your business Page to your friends.

10. Feature a Contest

Running a contest on your business Facebook Page is another great way to find new Fans. People love the opportunity to win something from a business and will Like your page to enter the contest.

Finding new fans on Facebook is a great opportunity to increase your social media exposure and find new ways to connect to customers. Finding new Facebook Fans should be part of executing any good social media strategy.