How to Write an Eye-Catching Resume

Write an Eye-Catching Resume – Irresistible Words

In a world of vanillas, you are strawberry swirl.

How do you concisely and positively show your future employer that you are the most qualified applicant for the job? The following words are great to utilize in describing your experiences and accomplishments. They can be changed as needed. For example: “While a Network support technician at Company X, I collaborated with staff from each of the seven departments to develop a new system for reporting software error. Upon my implementation of this enhanced system, efficiency of repair time was increased by 48%.” Be as specific and, when possible, give quantities (dollars saved, sales increased, efficiency improved, etc.)

50 Irresistible Active Words

1. accomplish 11. conduct 21. generate 31. make 41. propose
2. achieve 12. contribute 22. implement 32. market 42. research
3. adapt 13. coordinate 23. improve 33. monitor 43. sell
4. analyze 14. create 24. increase 34. motivate 44. start
5. attain 15. delegate 25. initiate 35. negotiate 45. supervise
6. balance 16. design 26. integrate 36. obtain 46. support
7. calculate 17. develop 27. interview 37. organize 47. train
8. collaborate 18. direct 28. invent 38. plan 48. travel
9. communicate 19. enhance 29. investigate 39. prepare 49. work
10. complete 20. evaluate 30. lead 40. present 50. write

All Things Considered

Probably the most important consideration as your write is your intended audience: your future employer. Do some research into the company. What are its goals? In what direction has it been moving in the last five years? Are you responding to a specific job description? How do your experiences and skills fit the description?

Important information needs to stand out and be easy to find. Your resume should be well organized and pleasing to the eye. Top, bottom, left, and right margins should be at about 1 inch. Use a standard font, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial, and use italics, bolding, and underlining sparingly. Remember that your resume may be scanned, copied, faxed, etc. a multiple number of times.

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