Adobe Photoshop Part 1: The Photoshop Interface Free Tutorial

Using the File Browser

The File Browser displays thumbnail images in folders stored on your hard drive or other media connected to your computer. You can use the File Browser to not only locate but also organize and process image files. To display the File Browser, click the Toggle File Browser button to the left of the palette well on the Options bar.

The File Browser has its own panels, which help you to navigate through your image folders and which display information about the selected image.

The Folder palette in the upper-left corner displays the drives and folders on y
our computer. Click on the plus sign next to a drive or folder to expand it, or click on the folder itself to view thumbnails of the images inside it.

To make it easier to find images in a few specific folders, you can add these folders to a favorites list. Favorites appear below Favorite Folders in the drop-down menu over the thumbnails:

To add a folder to your favorites, list, make sure the folder is selected and then select Add Folder to Favorites from the File Browser File menu. To remove a folder from your favorites list, select Remove Folder from Favorites from the File menu.

Notice that the drop-down menu also displays the folders you’ve recently viewed. You can use this list to quickly navigate back to one of these folders.

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