Microsoft Excel

Using Go To Special in Excel

Go To Special is a command in Microsoft Excel that allows you to find and select special types of cells. There are many uses for this – you can select blanks, cells with formulas, and more. If you have a large amount of data, this can be a very useful function. If you want to select only the blank cells, cells which are numbers, or other special cases, the Go To Special is the ideal way to accomplish it.

In Excel 2007, you can access Go To Special by clicking on the Home ribbon bar, then clicking on Find & Select:

Select Go To Special.

You can select from many different options to go to. For example, you can go to formulas, and in my sample spreadsheet, you can see what this will do:

The cells with a light gray background are selected because they use formulas.

Using Go To Special can provide a great benefit to processing a spreadsheet.