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Career Guide for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents sell a variety of types of insurance policies including health, life, disability, home, auto, and personal. In this free career guide, learn how to have a successful career as an insurance agent.

Career Guides

Career Guide for Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters work for insurance companies to determine if insurance is provided to a client and under what terms. This career guide focuses on what it takes to become a successful insurance underwriter.

Career and Jobs / Health

10 Tips for Health Benefits

If you’re in the process of reviewing the benefits available to you on the job, you should review all of the options available before making a decision. Read these 10 tips to help choose the right health benefits plan.

Credit Cards and Debt / Personal Finance

Exploring Identity Theft Insurance Options

Identity theft is rampant – 10 million people reported the crime in 2008. As the crime has increased, so has potential solutions in the marketplace. A variety of insurance and other protection programs have been released the last several years and you should fully research them to make an educated decision before purchasing identity theft insurance.