information technology

Career Guides

Career Guide for Computer Support Technicians

A computer support technician provides technical assistant and support within organizations and to external customers. These are what you might typically categorize as a help desk support role, but support could be provided in person or over the phone. In this free career guide, you will learn how to have a successful career as a computer support technician.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Visio 2007

Microsoft Visio 2007 is a diagramming tool that you can use to create everything from flowcharts to network diagrams. In this free tutorial, we look at how to use Microsoft Visio to create the drawings, organizational charts, or diagrams that you require.

Networking & Security

Introduction to Network Security

Identity theft. Hacked bank accounts. Stolen Facebook identities. In a highly interconnected world, information and network security is as important as ever. In this free tutorial, we teach you about network security and how it all works.