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Career Guide for Loan Officers

A loan officer works for a financial institution and facilitates loans to individuals and businesses. Loan officers typically work with one type of loan, e.g. home loans, commercial real estate, commercial transactions, or automobile loans. Learn how to have a successful career as a loan officer.

Career Guides

Career Guide for Purchasing Managers

A purchasing manager buys a vast array of products and services for companies and government agencies. Some buyers purchase raw materials for use in manufacturing goods to be sold. Other buyers purchase the things a company needs to operate. In this free career guide, learn how to have a successful career as a purchasing manager.

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100 SEO Job Interview Questions

Everyone’s an SEO expert! Or at least, everyone claims to be. If you’re looking to hire an SEO expert, or if you’re interviewing for an SEO job, this free set of sample interview questions is for you.

Career Guides

Guide to a Career as an Advertising, Marketing, or Sales Manager

Advertising, Marketing, and Sales managers drive company sales and profitability through market research, strategy, branding, advertising, sales efforts, promotion, pricing, and public relations. In this career guide, we are going to teach you what a successful career in sales or marketing looks like.

Career Guides

Career Guide for Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors provide analysis and recommendations for individuals with their investments, budget, retirement, college planning, insurance, and other money related decisions. In this career guide, we will look at what it takes to become a personal financial advisor and how this career looks over the next several years.