How Do I Impress a During an Interview?

Your resume has gotten you this far. The prospective employer thinks you are among the candidates that have the skills that match what the employer is looking for. Now it is up to you to make them want to hire you.

How do you do it?

• Dress neatly. If you are unsure if you should wear a suit jack to the interview, wear one. Always err on the side over overdressed.
• Be 10 minutes early.
• Shake the interviewer’s hand when you meet them and when you leave.
• Maintain eye contact.
• Be prepared- have extra copies of your resume printed on resume paper, since what they likely have is a faxed or emailed copy.
• Be confident – do not be shy about describing the things you have accomplished that fit what the employer is looking for
• Ask them what they are looking for in an employee. Candidates that ask exploratory questions, not just by ones that have a hard-core sales pitch, impress employers.
• Get closure. At the end of the interview, find out what the next steps are. Are you to send them a reference list? Are they to call you within a week?
• Send a thank you card or email. When you get home, either send them an email thanking them for their time or send them a card in the mail. But do it right way so they get it while they are still in the decision stage.

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