Building Your Career Path: 5 Minute Tips to Success

It’s important in today’s employment era to be aware of how to appropriately plot your own career path. The current employment landscape is such that many people are looking to tackle jobs as a means of survival instead of looking for a career. So, how do you chart your own career path?

1. Self-assess

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you aware of your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you’re actually interested in? There are a good many people engaged in careers that they originally thought were interesting, but they later realized that they weren’t very well suited to them or that the careers were not as interesting as they once thought. Write down what you actually do in one column, and then look at what you really want to do. How do you get from point A to point B? Unfortunately, sometimes the shortest distance between two career paths can mean a lot of research and time in the field learning about the career through hard-won experience.

2. It’s all in the research

So, you want to find out more about the career of your dreams? Start asking good questions. Chat with the human resources department in your company or in others; do some online research; visit your local employment center and attend some workshops about the current employment landscape in the field you’re interested in. You might also consider taking a career aptitude or assessment test in order to determine which career you’re best suited for. Not everyone is cut out to be doctors, and you may find needles aren’t your thing. So, where does that leave you? If you’re that interested in working in the medical profession, you may find that a career as a radiology technician is more suited to your personality. Not only that, you might consider even talking to people in your preferred field. They are, after all, the ones with actual field experience – who better to ask about the career you want to move into?

3. Make your move

You’ve laid all the groundwork, done all the research and finished what you want to think of as your last few files. Now’s the time – leave your desk (or position) you’ve been working at with varying senses of fulfillment and move towards your preferred career. You wanted it, and you worked hard for it; now’s the time to show that you’re ready.

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