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ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Act! 2005 is contact and opportunity management software designed to help you track your company’s contacts, business opportunities, and customer information. Act! stores all information in a central database that can be accessed by each user in your company with a license. offers this free Act! 2005 tutorial to help you understand how to use Act and what functionality you can use for your personal and professional life.

Click on one of the topics in the outline below or click on “Start Now! ” to start the tutorial.

Section 1: Getting Started with Act! 2005
Section 2: Managing Your Contacts
Section 3: Setting Up Your Schedule
Section 4: Creating Documents
Section 5: Working with Email
Section 6: Groups and Companies
Section 7: Opportunities and Sales Leads

How to Use This Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to make the most out of Act! 2005 Contact Management software. Once you complete this tutorial, you should know what you can use Act! 2005 for and how to be productive with Act! 2005.