CompTIA Certifications

A+ Certification: Part 3 – Hardware: Upgrades, Troubleshooting and Preventative Maintenance

Course Overview

The A+ Hardware Service Technician exam will cover in detail the different hardware components and peripheral components you may experience in a normal technician’s daily job. Though you may have extensive experience with troubleshooting computer problems or issues, there are many “details” that the exam covers which you may not have experienced yet or may need to refresh your knowledge on.

This courses will give a detailed look into the upgrading, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance of a computer system.

Throughout the exam you may see icons which indicate something you need to know for the exam or something from the author’s life experience:

When you see this icon, study the topic thoroughly, there is material in this section with specific questions on the exam.

Indicates an example from the Author’s experience in the IT world.

Course Outline

I. Introduction to the Upgrading, Troubleshooting, and Preventative Maintenance

Section 1

II. The Troubleshooting Process


Section 1 Review

Section 2

IV. A MultiMeter

V. The Ammeter, Voltmeter, and Ohmmeter

Section 2 Review

Section 3

VI. Cleaning Compounds

VII. Power Problems


Section 3 Review

Section 4

IX. Upgrading a PC

X. Upgrading Memory

XI. Upgrading the Hard Drive

XII. Upgrading the CPU

XIII. Upgrading the BIOS

XIV. Upgrading the Laptop Battery & Hard Drive

XV. Adding PCMCIA Cards

XVI. Adding a Docking Station

XVII. Upgrading Laptop Memory=

Section 4 Review