Uses for Old CDs

Most of us are used to getting dozens of useless CDs throughout the year, I personally may have three lifetimes worth of free hours from AOL by now. Don’t just throw those old CDs away, recycle them and put them to good use!

The CD Coaster. Turn your old CD into a drink coaster. By a small piece of corkboard from a craft store, but four 1 inch by 1 inch squares and glue them to the bottom (printed side) of the CD. Leave the shiny side up as your coaster.

CD Candle. Use your CD to catch the wax for your next big candle you burn.

CD Disco Ball. Cut up your CD into 1/2 inch squares and clue to the outside of a ball. Hang the ball from the ceiling and shine lights on it.

CD Crow. Hang your old CDs in your garden to scare away birds.

Crafts. Use them for crafts with your kids or students. Decorate the shiny side and make a "CD Card" or a CD magnet for their refrigerator.

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