Quicken 2009

Edit Menu

Using the Edit menu, you can:

Find and replace fields, find categories and re-categorize

View and manage accounts

Customize toolbar

Customize Quicken program, online updates, Internet connection setup

Tools Menu

Using the Tools menu, you can:

Go to Quicken Home page

Edit personal information

Customize Quicken according to your individual needs

Manage Account List, Category List, Scheduled Bills & Deposits List, Memorized Payee List, Tag List, Currency List, Calendar, show and set up alerts

Use Address Book and Calculator

Online Menu

Using the Online menu, you can:

Update settings in one step

Manage schedule updates

View one step update summary

View Quicken support and Quicken products on the Web

View Quicken services

Cash Flow Menu

Using the Cash Flow menu, you can:

Manage cash flow accounts

Manage your saving plan

Reconcile accounts

Write cheques

Manage budget

Mange calendar

Manage paycheques

Manage category list, scheduled bills and deposits list, and memorized payee list

Property & Debt Menu

Using the Property & Debt menu, you can:

Manage property & debt accounts

Manage loans

Go to Quicken Home inventory Manager

Go to Emergency Records Organizer

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