Quicken 2009

Quicken 2009 Interface

By default, Quicken displays the Home page. You can however, switch to other tabs such as Cash Flow, Property and Debt, Financial Overview.

The default Quicken 2009 interface consists of the following sections:

· Menu bar

· Tool bar

· Activity Center

· Accounts pane

Menu Bar

The Menu bar consists of eight menu items: File, Edit, Tools, Online, Cash Flow, Property & Debt, Reports, and Help.

File Menu

Using the File menu, you can:

· Create a  new Quicken file or a new Quicken account

· Open an existing Quicken file

· Find Quicken files

· Open a sample file

· Perform file operations such as copying, deleting, renaming, validating files, and creating a year-end copy

· Taking backup and restoring back up (local or online)

· Importing addresses, Web Connect files, and QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) files

· Export addresses

· Create passwords for files and create passwords to modify the existing transactions

· Print Cheques

· Exit Quicken

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