Quicken 2009

13. You can also setup an account in two ways:

· On the File menu, click New. In the Creating new file: Are you sure? dialog box, select the New Quicken Account option and click OK.


· Click the Add Account button in the Accounts pane at the left side.

14. In the Quicken Account Setup dialog box, choose the type of account to create and click Next.

15. If the account is held at an institution, select the institution from the drop-down list. If the account is not held at a financial institution, select the relevant option. Click Next.

16. Enter the name for the account.

17. Choose the           currency from the drop-down list that you want to use for the account. Click Next.

18. Enter the ending date and balance from your statement if you have them. Click Done.

The new account is created and is listed in the Accounts pane at the left side.

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