Quicken 2009

Setting up Quicken

Once your data file is created, the Express Setup dialog box is displayed. The setting up process allows you to add an account and tell Quicken about your regularly scheduled bills and deposits.

Note: You can, however, skip setup and setup the account later.

To set up Quicken:

1. Click Next Step in the Welcome screen. The Customize Quicken for you screen is displayed where you can enter your personal information. However these personal details are optional.

· In the Your Name fields, enter your first name and last name.

· If you are married, select the I am married check box. In the Spouse’s Name fields, enter the first and last name of your spouse.

· Check the relevant check boxes if

· You have dependents

· You are a house owner

· You own rental property

· You own a business

2. Click Next Step. The Set up your primary chequing account screen is displayed. The drop-down list shows a list of institutions where the account is held. If your financial institution does not appear in the drop-down list, simply type in the name.

Note: Express Setup supports only the creation of banking accounts. After the Express Setup is completed, use the Add Account button on the account bar to add other types of accounts.

3. Click Next Step. The Enter your account balance screen is displayed. Enter the required information:

· Enter your account name in the Name your account field.

· In the Statement ending date, enter the date using the adjacent date icon.

· From the Currency drop-down list, select the currency that you want to use for the account.

· In the Balance on the ending date field, enter the account balance.

Note: You can, however, enter your account balance information later also.

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