Quicken 2009

Adding a new payment transaction

When you want to track a new bill in Quicken, such as the payment amount for a new credit card, you can add a new scheduled transaction to track the payment.

To add a new payment transaction:

1. On the Cash Flow menu, click Go to Cash Flow Center. In the Projected Cash Flow screen, IN, OUT, and WHAT�S LEFT snapshots are displayed.

2. In the OUT area, click the Add Transaction button. The Add Transaction dialog box is displayed. If you want to schedule this transaction, select the Yes option. The Scheduling information is displayed in the right side.

3. In the Payee Information area, enter the required information:

Select the payee, from the Payee drop-down list, to whom you are making the payment. If the payee you want is not listed, enter the payee name in the Payee field.

From the Category drop-down list, select Credit Card Payment.

Enter the appropriate tag in the Tag field.

In the Memo field, enter a memo or note.

4. In the Payment Information area, enter the required information:

From the Account to use drop-down list, select the account from which the payment is made.

From the Method drop-down list, select Payment.

In the Web site field, enter the web site URL.

In the Amount field, enter the amount you are expected to pay toward this credit card each month. You can, however, change the amount later.

5. In the Scheduling area, enter the required information:

In the Start on field, specify the first day the payment should start.

Specify whether you want to be reminded to enter the payment into Quicken or you want Quicken to enter the deposit automatically, without prompting.

In the How Often field, specify the frequency of the payment.

In the Schedule this transaction area, specify when the scheduled payment should end.

6. Click OK. The payment amount is added to the Bills section of the OUT area.

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