Quicken 2009

Updating the Cash Flow account

8. In the Accounts pane, click an account. The account details are displayed in the Activity Center of the Cash Flow tab area.

You need to enter all new transactions manually to the account. That is each time, you need to enter a cheque details, make a deposit, or transfer funds.

9. In the color marked area of the Activity Center, start entering the transaction details from the Date field.

10.                From the Num drop-down list, select required number.

11.                From the Payee drop-down list, select the payee.

12.                From the Category drop-down list, select a category.

13.                In the Memo field, type a memo or note.

14.                In the Payment field, enter the payment amount using the adjacent icon.

15.                In the Deposit field, enter the payment amount using the adjacent icon.

16.                After entering all the required transaction details, click Enter. The transaction is saved and you are ready to create another transaction.

17.                To delete a transaction, select the transaction and click the Delete button

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